• Reviewed by: scottmsr  on: 2018/8/21 10:09:24
    I thought you would like to know, it looks like you've misspelled the word "Dum" on your website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. In the past I've used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website. -Scott Matthews Sr.
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/22 1:31:04
  • Reviewed by: mwhitetail  on: 2016-08-05T13:16:54
    I am VERY upset! This website and their 3rd party online ordering site, stated that they deliver within 5 miles. I checked this before placing my order, and verified it via both sites. I am 4.3 miles from their address.After placing my order, it took them 16 minutes to call me and say that they do not deliver to my address because its 11 minutes away. I don't care how long it takes to drive the distance, if you advertise 4 miles as a delivery area, you best honor it.
  • Reviewed by: samanthajordanbellar  on: 2016-05-26T08:51:01
    Love this place! They treat you like family and their food is fantastic! A Must have for lunch!
  • Reviewed by: sidiacarcamo  on: 2016-05-04T12:53:33
    I have tried different Chinese restaurant. But This One is the Best I Ever tried. And I like the friendly staff, because usually Chinese people are not so friendly. The food feels, looks and taste healthier than other Chinese restaurant
  • Reviewed by: agc0822  on: 2016-02-20T18:55:19
    Had a large order delivered to my home, tonight. Delivery was fast and everything was hot and deliciously fresh. Thank you for a scrumptious dinner! :-)
  • Reviewed by: dj327731  on: 2015-12-28T04:37:02
    Worst meal I have every gotten there. What happened?? it used to be very good. I had the Kung Pao Chicken and is was horrible. No flavor in the sauce, no heat, just loaded with celery and carrots. No bamboo shoots, mushrooms or any of the usual ingredients. Will not be returning. Go back to the old way or get the old cook back.
  • Reviewed by: abcmold  on: 2015-11-16T16:42:54
    I purchased my first meal today from your restaurant hoping it would be a new and good place to use for take out - every couple weeks or so.My wife and I were very disappointed with the Pork Egg Foo Young - it was burned so much I ate the center out of one and the other one we threw away! However - we liked the fried rice and the egg roll.
  • Reviewed by: jessc1118  on: 2014-09-20T08:30:04
    This place is good and all but when it says your suppose to be open, you should probably be opened.. Waited 30 mins I parking lot for you to be ope and no one showed up when it says your open.
  • Reviewed by: MrsLee  on: 2014-09-09T17:36:54
    Dinner Combinations 1.Goo in Hand.....For those dining alone 2. Suc Mi Wang.....Traditional Chinese sausage 3. Cum Too Soon.....Order early! These go fast! 4. Sum Dum Chick....Always a low cost favorite 5. Fuc Mei Slo.....Takes 2 hours to prepare 6. Lik Mi Clit.....A lip smacking Oriental treat 7. Goo Wee Chick....No extra charge for sloppy seconds8. Yung Poon Tang....Fresh daily 9. Too Can Choo.....Includes sausage and fish for two 10. Wai Too Yung.....Not available on school nights 11. Fuc Sum Now.....Raw fish for those in a hurry 12. Tung Sum Chick....Chef's Special 13. Sum Gulp Twat....Low-cal diet special 14. Bang Ho Face.....Served sitting down 15. Bang Ho Butt.....Served with warm oil and jelly 16. Hoo Flung Poo....Lobster bibs
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