• Reviewed by: candywoman407  on: 2014-09-01T12:12:16
    The address for this restaurants location is in the wrong area its located in casselberry off of 436/Sermoran blvd and oxford rd in Casselberry Not where the pointer has this restaurant listed near university blvd in Winter Park.
  • Reviewed by: laurais420  on: 2014-08-17T17:13:02
    Are you even open? I placed an online order, got a confirmation email and everything. I have been trying to reach you since I made the online order to order more food or cancel since I have company coming over since I placed the online order. Nobody is answering the phone and I'm not even sure if any food is ever going to come. How long do I wait? Are you even an open establishment. Frustrated.
  • Reviewed by: centralparkapartments  on: 2014-08-05T13:04:33
    You have distibuted your menu flyers to Central Park Aprtements without prior management/owner approval. No soliciting signs are posted at the entrance. Your flyers end up on the floor and grounds as people discard them; and this brings work for the team that have to pick up all the trash as a result of your actions. You need to send whoever you paid to distibute them, to come back and pick up all the trash you caused. Please have your manager call the property at 407-331-3131 to advise when this will be taken care of
  • Reviewed by: rwilliamson  on: 2014-07-29T07:14:44
    Ordered 2 lunch specials yesterday. Food was dry and nasty. Worker there could not speak English, charged us each a different price for $5.50 lunch special and gave us wrong change, both eggrolls were missing from our lunch. And last but not least, one was dry with no flavor and the other was too hot/spicy. Not a chance in hell of going back there after reading about the roach in the rice. Also floor was so greasy I almost slipped and fell on the way out. Disgusting.
  • Reviewed by: redhotmamma  on: 2014-07-23T10:55:02
    My Vagina need a big hot Egg Roll with two Wontons slapping against my Pu-Pu Platter!
  • Reviewed by: phoenix.smith926  on: 2014-07-02T15:32:06
    Used to go there all the time for their cheap lunch specials. So i went there July 1st, 2014 and took lunch back to work... Found a dead roach in the bottom of my rice! Gross... Looking into reporting this to the health department
  • Reviewed by: mjango  on: 2014-03-11T04:06:57
    My food tasted like DOODY!
  • Reviewed by: Lifeiswhatyoumakeit  on: 2014-03-11T03:54:29
    On 3/10/14 I ordered delivery. Your delivery driver was very nice , polite and right on time. He even thanked us for our that's service!
  • Reviewed by: aviewfromthetop1  on: 2014-02-23T09:18:35
    Prices are wrong
  • Reviewed by: Tamarabarah  on: 2013-09-25T09:45:43
    Dale, I am not sure if we are hiring for just a dishwasher, usually we are looking for a dishwasher, rice cooker, and prepping of food all in one so if you are still interested go and speak with the owner Matthew.. Thankyou for your interest
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